by Sidi Jow

Magnolia and MOO

Magnolia is one of the technologies that underpins MOO’s tech setup.

It’s an extensible content management system that gives MOO the freedom to innovate by employing the systems flexibility and agility to drive revenue and provide a consistent customer experience across web and mobile.

How does Magnolia help us do this exactly? Well... This feels like cheating but here’s one we did earlier.

Idea: Build a Magnolia community

We’ve recently been having discussions with our awesome partners at Magnolia around building a community of practice. The aim is to kickstart and nurture a meetup culture (officially supported by Magnolia) for Magnolia practitioners and/or people/businesses who just might want to learn more.

After lots of behind the scenes discussions, wrangling and hoop-jumping, (I’ll be merciful and spare you the details), we have a date and nascent community taking shape.

Sold…? Sure you are... Let’s meet up

We’ll be helping to kick-start the meetups by hosting and presenting at the first one at MOO office in Farringdon on Thursday 28th March 2019.

Want to learn more, join the community and possibly drop into our next meetup? Sure you do! Sign up to the event, here.